The Challenge

Whilst Shell are mainly recognised for their efficient fuels, they are also recognised for sustainable energy and many are to still be educated on how shell recharge has the ability to charge an electric car five times faster than standard charge.

The Solution

As the algorithmic and tech lead arm of The Chemistry Works, YCS Digital was asked to bring solutions to the table, which would help people understand the science of Shell Recharge.

In the form of a brand stunt our solution was to find common ground for sustainable energy.

Users are able to participate by completing a VR cycle game and whilst pedaling generates energy, where at a reasonable pace generates an average of 100 watts of power.

This power was then used to activate a 3D printer, which produces edible energy sweets and prints their own face onto the sweet.

When we ingest glucose, it enters the bloodstream directly, therefore making it one of the “fastest-acting” carbohydrates and Shell Recharge remains the fastest-acting charging solution.

Prototypes were built and the visuals seen within this case study were presented to Shell Global so that brand and product awareness could be captured.