The Challenge

The science behind Shell products was not common knowledge to long haul operations and there was a need to demonstrate how Shell SFSD is the right choice when wishing to maintain your fleets engines and save on cost.

The Solution

As tech lead of The Chemistry Works, YCS Digital was asked to bring solutions to the table, which would help people understand the science behind SFSD.

Deposit, Anti-Foaming and Corrosion hold the scientific values behind their product, and the best way to believe in a product is to experience it yourself, and better still, see the benefits.

By using ultrasonic technology, and to further increased product awareness we built an interactive prototype.

With the use sensors, and when entering your hand to feel the difference, this activated a split screen video to explain what you were feeling, the science behind the product and the long-term benefits.

The interactive stand was to be held at an event and to further increase awareness we created an invitation pack containing RFID wrist band,VR goggles and welcome booklet.

The wrist band was used so that visitors could not only check in, but they could also interact with other stands at the event and use the pre-paid band to purchase lunches or enter VIP seminars.

The VR Goggles were used to bring awareness to the VR seated experience at the event where we created a journey from the science lab, before entering the inside of a fully working engine so that you could see the difference is a virtual world.