The Challenge

Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited is a global provider of specialty insurance and reinsurance products.

YCS Digital was tasked with developing content to be featured
on digital screens across the Fidelis new office space @ L42, 22 Bishops Gate.

Their marketing team needed help with discovering, creating, and deploying content which would help amplify their key Sectors.

Our Solution

To showcase the many sectors that insurance company Fidelis operates in,
we brough to life still images by creating the appearance of slow-motion video.
These videos hero the big screens at Fidelis @22 Bishopsgate.

These ideas were firstly presented as static photography, where selected visuals resonated with 8 chosen sectors which Fidelis operate in. These were then presented as interactive prototypes, allowing for client understanding and faster feedback/approvals.

Using after-affects, we then brought the 8 final selected images to life and produced these so that they flowed in sequence, left to right, where the first animates in and transitions out, before triggering the next to start, until all 8 have completed before looping to start again.


• Digital Signage
• Video Wall
• 3D studio Max
• FStorm Render
• Motion Graphics
• After Effects
• User Journey
• Discovery Process