The Challenge

Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited is a global provider of specialty insurance and reinsurance products.

YCS Digital was tasked with developing content to be featured
on digital screens across the Fidelis new office space @ L42, 22 Bishops Gate.

Their marketing team needed help with discovering, creating, and deploying content for a semi-transparent touch screen, which overlooked breath-taking views of West London.

Our Solution

Working closely with Fidelis, it was decided that we would replicate the same view in CGI, allowing the user to then spin 360 to see all of London, North, East, South & West, and whilst doing so, key buildings, which Fidelis had helped to insure, would be seen in a corporate colour.

The User could then interact with these buildings, spin the buildings 360 to see the full architecture and learn facts about its history.

Within this video we see the clay model, which is the first stage when recreating a City.

The Specialties

• Digital Signage
• Touch Screen
• 3D studio Max
• FStorm Render
• Motion Graphics
• After Effects
• User Journey
• Discovery Process