The Challenge

Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited is a global provider of specialty insurance and reinsurance products.

YCS Digital was tasked with developing content to be featured
on digital screens across the Fidelis new office space @ L42, 22 Bishops Gate.

Their marketing team needed help with discovering, creating and deploying content which would not only amplify their brand identity and messaging, but also engage with the many brokers that visit their offices.

One thing which was paramount throughout our discovery process was that Brokers would visit an insurance company with one sector in mind, and from here it became apparent that the content’s objective lies in creating a talking point that can then be leveraged in meetings, an up-sell on sectors which a broker may not have known that Fidelis offers.

Our Solution

By exploring plans to capture the user journey and experience at Fidelis’ new office, we identified a mapped flow from the reception through to the brokers lounge, where to keep brokers engaged, a virtual golf course, bar and pool table could be found.

Within this same area, was a 65” screen, where our discovery process identified the need for; Sky Sports, News, Weather, Fidelis events, Video showing Key Sectors and a QR code for further information on the company.

To achieve this, it made sense to create a corporate channel, Fidelis TV, and through a series of designs and prototypes, we coupled this with Tripleplay so that all of the above could be presented to Brokers.

The Specialties

• Digital Signage
• Tripleplay Templates
• Motion Graphics
• After Effects
• User Journey
• Discovery Process