The Challenge

Kesslers are global experts in brand and retail merchandising displays and recognized for their continued efforts in offering their clients the latest technology and rewarding design solutions, which has firmly kept them ahead of their competitors.

Kesslers required a design solution for their latest research, How consumers will shop in 2016. There was not only a requirement to understand their own brand but to also understand how their own clients brands works too.

With this in mind we were tasked with the job of creating a Digital presentation, which converts to a print ready file and then for continued marketing values a customized email design which would depict and conclude the presentation into a more compact and easy read.

Our Solution

Kesslers were absolutely fantastic to work with and buzzing with some amazingly creative ideas, and why would they not, after all they are global leaders.

Their head of marketing was on point for the whole journey and through listening and asking questions we quickly gathered their vision. In turn we looked at market trends and by applying some key research were soon on our way.

The digital presentation conveyed how consumers are approaching the market on and off-line and by using key points of research we worked with the client to push the most important facts forward and create a journey which kept the audience hooked whilst the presenter took them through the values.

In turn we applied the same rule to the email campaign, and with condensed but captivating content kept an edge which paved the way for Kessler to generate the attention they rightly deserved.