The Challenge

Owner and Director, Anastasia Fox-Cavendish came to us with the outline of a business idea, a property consultancy solution for where her company is employed so that new partnerships can be formed and targets are met.

Although the brief was loose, we spent great time asking questions, learning about her vision and providing ideas through regular meetings.

The conclusion was that this was not only brand creation, but a business model, and with this an interlinking component which would organically amplify the brand.

Our Solution

After testing various business ideas, bouncing off current trends and drinking huge amounts of coffee, we presented a business model, which was instantly approved.

From here we started working on the brand, the logo and its core identity was an incredibly rewarding process and with huge amounts of feedback from the client we nailed this within 2 weeks with the website already in build.

Soon after launching the website, we knew that we needed a third party element which would play its part for organic marketing and with the help of the client, The Fox Club was formed.

The Fox Club was created to compliment the Orsopolis Brand and as of such became its core identity, with to date many top industry leaders attending every single month and spreading the word about Orsopolis’s services.

This created a natural growth and Orsopolis are now employed every month to help businesses secure new clients. Along with this and with The Fox Club being a huge success, their events service has now taken off with over 2000 people attending their larger functions on a regular cycle.