The Challenge

Panini stickers have been a much loved, part of growing up for generations.

Today, we live, work and play in a digital world and wanted to find a way for how we could introduce Panini to a digital led life.

We worked on a pitch which would allow Panini to launch an interactive version of their stickers and allow their users to be absorbed by the online world of Panini.

The issues we needed to tackle was to find a solution which not only did this but also provided further growth to the brand.

Our Solution

As ambassadors for emerging technology, we had become the Creative Partner for an interactive product which allowed you to scan any printed product and be instantly taken to an on-line pay-off, may it be to purchase a good or enter a competition, we knew this was the smart tech which Panini would benefit from.

The best way to present this was by producing a brochure and by embracing The World Cup 2018, we bought the idea back to its core routes and for how Panini became the success it is today, Print.

The brochure was fully interactive and took the reader on a journey for how the idea would work, what the user can expect and how this would reward the brand.

Player stats, best goals, past stickers, games and card swops were all part of this online journey and then one major USP being the golden cards which when scanned would allow the user to win assortments of sponsored goods, including the ultimate prize of playing with your team.

We are now introducing this same solution to other industries, and always looking for that brand which wants to outsmart their competitors.