The Challenge

Wren Kitchens is a privately owned British designer, manufacturer, and retailer of kitchens.

YCS Digital was tasked with creating CGI photorealistic visualisations for new Kitchen designs, to create more empowering engagement when customers wanted to see how their final design would look.

Working from drawings, it was our job to bring a selection of ideas to life through CGI and remove the large costs associated with set builds and photography.

The Solution

With no need to construct expensive sets, hire a professional photographer/creative director, our CGI presentations offered complete flexibility, where many different options could be tested for that perfect style before manufacture, and removing the costly mistakes seen when traditionally trying to envision how a design may look.
For this we made several prototypes; an app which would allow visitors to quickly find live inventory within malls, a touch-screen, where a brand can collect leads and close the omni-channel gap, and a skin diagnostic platform which can scientifically scan a users face in 7 layers and provide real-time anti-aging adjustments.

The purpose of this project was to let major retailers know that they can take advantage when understanding that not only CGI reduces costs, but also provides quicker and smarter flexibility when changes are required.