Benefits of Hiring Local SEO Company for Your Business

The rapid forward march of technology means that, these days, we’re able to hire staff and service agencies from across the globe in just a few short clicks.  Although this can be incredibly useful in some instances, distance doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder when it comes to your business.  For some aspects of your brand, staying closer to home is much more effective and, in this article, we’ll be taking you through the benefits of hiring a local SEO company for your business.

From Round the World to Just Round the Corner

There was a time when SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) meant nothing more than choosing a bunch of keywords and peppering these through your website and social media in order to grab the attention of potential customers.  Fast forward a few short years, and the world of SEO is one which is complex and ever evolving, making it difficult for some small businesses to keep up.  For businesses looking to get ahead of the competition, hiring an SEO agency is a vital investment and, one which will pay dividends in the long run. A good SEO company will have the expert knowledge and experience that is needed to make your business shine and to bring in those all-important leads.  A professional agency will also know how to supercharge your SEO without risking Google penalties associated with black hat SEO tactics.  With the technology that we now have at our fingertips, you can now hire an SEO agency from any far flung corner of the world – so, why should you choose a local SEO company?

In the Neighbourhood

If your business is focused mainly in one geographical location, it’s really important that you have an affordable SEO company which knows the area well.  A huge part of SEO is centred around understanding your audience – who they are, where they live and what makes them tick.  Audiences can differ greatly from region to region – for example, an audience in the Midlands will be very different from that in London.  This means that, if your audience is centred in the capital then a local SEO agency London is absolutely vital for getting the right message to the right people.  A local SEO company will have an encyclopedic knowledge of the area as well as a in-depth understanding of the people that live there; which is half the battle when it comes to connecting with your audience.

Just the Ticket

Different regions in the UK are known for their unique events and attractions, and these can be extremely valuable when it comes to your brand’s SEO.  For example, a business in Kent might take advantage of the annual Black Deer Festival and, unless you hire a digital marketing agency near Kent, this may turn into a missed opportunity as even the best SEO agency in the UK may not be aware of regional events such as this.

The Human Touch

While being able to cherry pick SEO talent from across the country – or even across the world – can have its benefits, you’ll generally be finding yourself having a one dimensional relationship via communication technology.  With a local SEO company, it’s possible (guidelines permitting) to have actual, honest to goodness, in-person meetings with your account manager.  If you’re looking to build a long term relationship with your agency, this is really important as it allows you to form a real connection and to help the agency to better understand your business.

Connecting the Dots

Link building should be an integral part of a successful SEO strategy – as any SEO professional worth their salt will know.  Link building is the art of connecting with other businesses or individuals and gaining links which run from their website to yours and vice versa.  This is important for your SEO as it gives you access to new audiences and, therefore, increases your visibility.  As important as link building is, it can also do harm to your business if your links are irrelevant or spammy, leading to possible penalties from Google.  A local SEO company will have access to lots of business contacts within your catchment area and will be able to make introductions and, subsequently, gain your business some really high quality links.

In it Together

As we head into 2022, marketing and SEO are very much moving away from shouty advertising tactics and into community based formats.  Customers are looking for brands who are authentic and who actively seek to give back to the community – and that includes supporting local businesses.  Hiring a local SEO company for your business helps to boost your visibility while proving your commitment to your local community which, in turn, improves trust with local clients.


In 2021, we have a huge amount of choice when it comes to service providers, and it can be tempting to look further afield in order to find the cheapest deal in order to stay within ever-tightening budgets.  While we all want to save money where we can, this is usually a false economy in the long run as you’ll often find that you’re signing up to an agency which has little to no knowledge of the area that your customers live in, and very little idea about what makes them tick.  As we continue to embrace a more streamlined, community based way of doing business, going local is without a doubt the way forward when it comes to your business SEO.