How To Develop Effective SEO Resources For Your Brand In 2022

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you will most likely be aware of the importance of SEO, however, many are still baffled as to just how this should be achieved.  A quick internet search will throw up millions of blogs, articles and posts on the subject – all offering different advice.  We’ll let you into a secret – great search engine optimisation doesn’t have to be complicated and, in this article, we’ll share with you our tips from an affordable SEO company, for developing effective SEO resources for your brand in 2022. 

Technically Speaking

When looking to implement an effective SEO strategy, your first port of call should always be your technical SEO.  This umbrella term covers a number of things on your website including loading speed, ease of use, navigation and the checkout process – all of which comes together to form the user experience.  You may not pay much attention to your technical SEO but, Google does – and it’s judging you.  Broken links, sticky speeds and dodgy indexing are all things which Google will take note of – and will adjust your ranking accordingly.  This means that, if your technical SEO isn’t up to scratch, your ranking may be negatively impacted.  While you’re looking at your technical SEO, you’ll also want to make sure that your site is fully optimised for mobile as a whopping 85% of people in the UK use their phones to conduct searches. 

Content Is King

These days, most internet users are over shouty sales adverts which convey little information other than ‘buy me now’.  Instead, users are looking for real, high value content which addresses their pain points and offers a solution.  For businesses, this means creating high quality, long form and video content which aims to provide answers to the questions that are being asked.  Content marketing is one of the most effective tools in a brand’s arsenal and so deserves more than a little bit of time and effort.  Start by creating a content calendar and make a list of topics which will be of internet to your target audience.  Next, make sure that you are consistent when sharing your content – as a general rule of thumb, once or twice a week is usually more than enough.  When sharing your content, actively encourage feedback and engagement from your followers in order to get those fingers clicking over to the share button. 

Click and Connect

If content is King, then link building is Queen.  Many people who need SEO services make the mistake of thinking that this strategy involves simply stuffing as many links into their website and social media advertising as possible.  In reality, not all links are created equal and, some can actually harm your ranking.  Spammy or broken links are very much frowned on by Google and will harm your ranking long term.  According to the best SEO company in London, when it comes to your link building strategy, less is most definitely more.  Take the time to source and secure high quality links which will interest your visitors and add value to your site.  Get into the habit of checking your links on a regular basis to nip any problems in the bud.  Backlink tools like SemRush can really help to keep your links under control. 

Search Intent

In the fledgeling days of SEO, marketers would stuff their content and website with keywords and call it good but, things have moved on quite a bit since then.  In 2022, helping customers to find you is all about search intent, which is all about figuring out why an internet user is conducting a search in the first place.  This is broken down as follows: 

  • Informational Intent – As the name suggests, the user here is simply looking for information on a specific item or topic.


  • Navigational Intent – In this instance, the user will be looking to find a specific website.


  • Transactional Intent – This kind of search is made by people who are looking to make a purchase and may be looking for a product / price comparison.


  • Commercial Investigation – Here, the user may be looking to make a purchase sometime in the future and is just beginning his or her research.


When working on your SEO, search intent is important as, by understanding the intention behind a search, you can better create your optimised content.  For example, when somebody searches ‘tomato sauce’, they might (a) want to know what tomato sauce is, (b) want a recipe for tomato sauce or, ( c) want to buy a jar of tomato sauce. If your business is selling tomato sauce, you’ll want to include this in your SEO, for example, ‘low price tomato sauce’ to help those who are looking to make a purchase find your site quickly. 


In order to get the best out of your SEO, it’s important to understand who your customer is and what they want when they conduct an internet search.  This will help you to formulate the best strategy for your business and to improve your ranking by helping both Google and your customer to find your site. Good quality SEO optimization packages can significantly help your business both now and in the future.