Facebook’s ‘Live’ Feature now available to use


Back in August 2015, Facebook introduced ‘Live’, a live broadcasting feature similar to ‘Periscope’.

The feature was originally only available to use on ‘Facebook Mentions’, Facebook’s App for celebrities and other public figures. As of today, general users can now use ‘Live’ on the Facebook iOS app. The feature now appears within the ‘Update Status’ menu next to the ‘Check-in’ pin that allows you to share your location. Your live stream appears in your timeline and users can also subscribe to your stream, meaning that they get a notification when you’re live. Once you’ve finished with your live stream you’re also given the option to save your video and publish it to your timeline.


Once you’re streaming live, viewers can comment in real time, allowing you to be able to respond to comments live.

‘Live’ is the perfect solution for famous people to host Live Q&A’s with the general public, but it should be interesting to see how your average user interacts with the new feature amongst friends.
How do you predict Facebook users will interact with ‘Live’? Let us know in the comments below.