Kesslers Digital

The Challenge

As part of an on-site experience at Kesslers head quarters the group wanted their clients to understand how their digital and technology presence within the retail market had dramatically evolved.

The Solution

YCS Digital were asked to work on solutions which would enhance the brands capabilities within the retail technology sector.

For this we made several prototypes; an app which would allow visitors to quickly find live inventory within malls, a touch-screen, where a brand can collect leads and close the omni-channel gap, and a skin diagnostic platform which can scientifically scan a users face in 7 layers and provide real-time anti-aging adjustments.

The purpose of this project was to let major retailers know that they can take advantage when understanding that their own brand is also capable of doing the same, and that Kesslers can guide them in creating the best experience possible.

Shell SFSD

The Challenge

The science behind Shell products was not common knowledge to long haul operations and there was a need to demonstrate how Shell SFSD is the right choice when wishing to maintain your fleets engines and save on cost.

The Solution

As tech lead of The Chemistry Works, YCS Digital was asked to bring solutions to the table, which would help people understand the science behind SFSD.

Deposit, Anti-Foaming and Corrosion hold the scientific values behind their product, and the best way to believe in a product is to experience it yourself, and better still, see the benefits.

By using ultrasonic technology, and to further increased product awareness we built an interactive prototype.

With the use sensors, and when entering your hand to feel the difference, this activated a split screen video to explain what you were feeling, the science behind the product and the long-term benefits.

The interactive stand was to be held at an event and to further increase awareness we created an invitation pack containing RFID wrist band,VR goggles and welcome booklet.

The wrist band was used so that visitors could not only check in, but they could also interact with other stands at the event and use the pre-paid band to purchase lunches or enter VIP seminars.

The VR Goggles were used to bring awareness to the VR seated experience at the event where we created a journey from the science lab, before entering the inside of a fully working engine so that you could see the difference is a virtual world.


The Challenge

Orchid required a custom CRM and App which would allow them to provide an enhanced operation, quickly gaining candidates and with third party api's communicating with clients so that resource is signed off and on-site in a quick turnaround.

The Solution

YCS Digital created a custom CRM which used api's to build a 360 operation and an app which could be used by staff and clients to quickly close a deal.

Prototypes were built prior to launch and the full solution was rolled out across 4 months along with website to support CRM.

Shell Save

The Challenge

As tech lead for The Chemistry Works, YCS Digital was asked to bring solutions to the table for how Shell saves money for long haul operations.

The Solution

In the form of an interactive stand our solution was to allow users (business owners) to enter common long haul journeys and to instantly see the savings they would make if using Shell fuel.

Further-still, the prototype was designed so the user could print out the savings report. The printed report also has a QR code which is linked to a mobile version of the saving tool with CTA's allowing the user to make contact with Customer Services.

White paper reports through Social Media were also built into the strategy to create further engagement and these white paper reports linked back to the app download.

Shell Recharge

The Challenge

Whilst Shell are mainly recognised for their efficient fuels, they are also recognised for sustainable energy and many are to still be educated on how shell recharge has the ability to charge an electric car five times faster than standard charge.

The Solution

As the algorithmic and tech lead arm of The Chemistry Works, YCS Digital was asked to bring solutions to the table, which would help people understand the science of Shell Recharge.

In the form of a brand stunt our solution was to find common ground for sustainable energy.

Users are able to participate by completing a VR cycle game and whilst pedaling generates energy, where at a reasonable pace generates an average of 100 watts of power.

This power was then used to activate a 3D printer, which produces edible energy sweets and prints their own face onto the sweet.

When we ingest glucose, it enters the bloodstream directly, therefore making it one of the “fastest-acting” carbohydrates and Shell Recharge remains the fastest-acting charging solution.

Prototypes were built and the visuals seen within this case study were presented to Shell Global so that brand and product awareness could be captured.